The Return of QWing


Qwing is an iOS application that I have been working on and off for over a year.  Before the switch to coding full time (new job, woot!)  this was a learning project I dream’t up to get my skills up.  Now that there is WAY more free time than I was ever used to, development for Qwing is once again pushing forward on a near daily basis.  My time is still spit between the job that keeps the light on and this project of love.

I am opening up the development process here to solicit feedback and keep everyone informed about its release.

So what is Qwing?  In a nutshell, Qwing is an offline note taking tool that persists Qlab data.   Well…what does that actually mean, you ask? The application was conceived during my time as an Audio & Video Supervisor. There were several day to day trends sound designers seemed to fall into.

  1. Most designers no longer create paperwork before building cues.  The cues themselves become the documentation.
  2. There is a need for an offline reference, especially in a preview scenario, when notes are needed.
  3. There is currently no quick reference to previous versions of the Workspace.
  4. The current note workflow during shows often times is:  iOS Notepad —> copy / paste Email.

Here is how Qwing begins to address some of these currently.  The images below are from the current state.  The UI is unrefined at this point.  Much of the work has been going on behind the scenes on the Data Model and Controller programming.  What is being shown today works, this is not a mock up.  While designed initially for the iPhone, the app is currently being developed for all iOS screen sizes.










Importing Workspaces: The first image on the right is a placeholder for what will eventually be a document picker that will also be able to sync between devices with iCloud.  For now, you can see that Qwing will allow you to carry multiple shows with you at all times.  The text here is pretty generic and will allow for some customization down the road.  The color scheme is currently black and grey, with white text.  Blue is an indicator of important information and/or buttons.

The middle image is of the project detail, which still needs some UI customization to conform to the rest of the app.  Here you can jump to the notes for the show, view all the saved workspaces, or import a Qlab Workdspace.  The far right image is where you will select a workspace to import.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-17-at-1.10.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2015-02-17-at-1.11.46-PM.png Screen-Shot-2015-02-17-at-1.13.08-PM.png








 Cue Structure: The cue structure follows the standard structure in Qlab.  Select the workspace, cue list, cue, cue detail.  The image on the far left should give you and idea how the Workspaces are stored. While I imported these back to back for the sake of this post, the import times and machine names could be different. You can even mix and match other workspaces that comprise a single project.  The triangle icon there is a stand-in, I’m pretty bad at the graphics creation.

The Note+ button allows you to immediately take a note on that object. A window with the cue details, flags, and a text block allow you to quickly make a note that will always reference back to the exact item you were looking at.

Search: Search works like you’d expect. You can quickly find the cue you’re looking for.

The Cue List  quickly shows relevant cue data.  At a glance, the colors help you quickly identify the cue types.  Blue for a Group Cue, Grey for Audio, and Orange for Video. The other cue types all have distinct colors as well.

You can “drill down” Group Cues to see the contents.

Screen Shot 2015 02 16 at 12 03 10 PM







The Cue Card above is the cue detail, this is the early version of the Audio cue.  Here you will be provided with even more info about the cue.  Cues like Fade and Video will have relevant details in place of this.  The faders on the bottom scroll left to right to display all of the output settings.

On Deck for Development:

Notes: While the notes do actually work currently, I am not happy with how they are currently working. This is at the top of the list and should be ready soon.  I intend the notes to be easy to use and share.

UI: Icons / graphics, layout, colors, all need some help.

Thanks for stopping by.  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you.