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Tons of Open Source Code

I’ve added a ton of code to github that might be useful.

Progress Screen
A recreation of IBMs Casper Enrollment Screen demoed at JNUC 2015
Link to Code
Link to JNUC Talk

This is a simple application that launches full screen and reads the jamf.log on the machine which is used to generate a progress bar.  You can customize the webview to display your own content.

A utility application for OS X that saves and quick switches the Casper Suite Tools to JSS servers.

Link to Code and App

SwitchJSS is a small application that saves your JSS server addresses and quickly switches your Casper Suite tools to that address. No more option+clicking and retyping every time!


Link to Code

This is a native OSX Agent that will force logout users after 20 minutes of being idle. Since applications can hold up the logout process, this agent will go through all active applications and force quit them. This could be useful in a public computer lab situation where users walk away and the Mac gets locked.

Both the logout time and a application force quit exclusion list is changeable in the source code only.

Fast User Switching: If this OSX Feature is used, once the user switch has happened the previous user is forced logout after 5 minutes. This is also editable in the source.


Link to Code

User Agent that unmounts removable media when switching between users on OS X.  This is useful if you are trying to prevent OS Xs behavior of keeping any mounted drive available to all users in a multiuser environment which including keeping drives decrypted.

This is an example of how to unmount removable media when switching between user using Fast User Switching on OSX.

SwiftJSS (Mentioned before…but worth mentioning again since it’s been updated)

Link to Code

This is an example on how to leverage JAMFs Casper API using Swift in OSX. This is also an good example on how to leverage a REST API in iOS as well.